Head Injury in Sport

The FICS Education Commission has just updated our eLS (electronic Learning System) with current documents on the topic of Head Injury in Sport. At your convenience, please download these documents;

2012 Zurich International Consensus on Concussion,
Child SCAT 3
Concussion Recognition Tool (CRT).

Follow these instructions for easy access;
1. Click on this link
2. Register if you have not already done so to gain access to the home page.
3. Log in
4. Under the “Main Menu” click on “Download Documents”
5. Click on “Head Injuries in Sport”
6. Download the 4 documents
7. Read the 4 documents and continue being the best Int’l Sports Chiropractor you can be!
8. Share the CRT with your coaches, team administrators, etc.

All the best in Sports and Health,

The FICS Education Commission