Chirosport SA will be hosting the FICS International Symposium as part of the World Federation of Chiropractic 25th Anniversary Congress 2013

We are proud to announce that Chirosport SA will be hosting the FICS International Symposium as part of the WFC 25th Anniversary Congress held in Durban this year

Dear Friends and Colleagues

I am writing to encourage you to attend our FICS Assembly and Symposium in Durban on Wednesday April 10, 2013

Members of Chirosport South Africa – We have our first 50 registrants from 15 countries – but these include only three of you from Chirosport SA, our host organization. Reasons to attend include:

This is the one time that our international meetings will be held in South Africa, and gives you a great opportunity to meet sports chiropractic leaders from around the world, understand what FICS is doing, understand the opportunities opening up for you in international games events in South Africa and elsewhere.

The Symposium program, attached, is excellent. There are:
Keynote lectures– e.g Tom Greenway on the meaning of the success at the London Olympics; and Brian Nook on the World Games and other international sports federations events now open to chiropractors
Choice of WorkshopsLaney Nelson on managing head trauma and concussion; Stephen Perle andTim Stark on instrument-assisted soft-tissue treatment; and Brian Nook on treatment of lower extremities.
Best new sports chiropractic research. Short overviews – see the program.

Come and get energized. Similarly we need your energy and support. For all information and registration go to and see:

  • Symposium Notice
  • Symposium Program
  • Assembly Agenda
  • Registration form

I look forward to meeting you in Durban in 6 weeks time.

Sheila Wilson DC, ICSSD
FICS President

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