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Chiro Sport Council 2017

We would like introduce the Chiro Sport South Africa Council for 2017

Dr Tjaart vd Merwe – President

Dr Jason Fyfer – Vice President

Dr Brad Saddler – Treasurer

Dr Gillian Johnston – Council Member

Dr Kerri-Ann Smith – Student Liaison

Dr Jaidan Mays – Council Member

Dr Duanne Stewart – Council Member

Please feel free to Contact Dr Tjaart vd Merwe or any of the council members on [email protected] for any info about Chiro Sport South Africa.



Sports Chiropractors for Rio Olympics 2016

Dear Fellow Chiropractors,

The call for all volunteers for the Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics (RIO 2016) in Brazil in August 2016,including chiropractors to provide services in the host medical services team in the polyclinics, is now open online at www.rio2016.org/volunteer.  You have until November 15, 2014 to apply.

It has been my privilege to lead negotiations for chiropractic services in the polyclinics, greatly assisted by Dr Tom Greenway, Lead Chiropractor for the host team of chiropractors for the London Olympics and others from FICS.

Chiropractic services will be provided on a similar basis to the London Olympics, which is as part of the Physical Therapy Services, which will include physiotherapy, chiropractic and osteopathy.   That is because of the great success of this model in London as reported by  athletes, coaches, administrators and all who served in the host services team. Brazilian and international chiropractors are invited to apply.  There is no requirement to speak Portuguese.  Volunteers will receive meals, transport in Rio de Janeiro, and uniforms but not accommodation.

The exact number of chiropractors has not yet been decided. This is because of an issue concerning some Brazilian PTs who claim to be qualified to provide chiropractic services – an issue we are confident of resolving in the near future. (For those interested, see background on this long-standing issue in Brazil under Projects/Support Brazil at the World Federation of Chiropractic’s website (www.wfc.org).

To assist in resolving this issue it is very important to have a good number of strong applications from well-qualified Brazilian and international sports chiropractors.  This will help the local organizers understand the necessary educational qualifications, games event experience and professional profile to deliver chiropractic services.  So, please consider applying now.  Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and this will be an unforgettable experience.  Professionally, after the successful  inclusion of chiropractic services in the host medical services at the Vancouver (2010) and London (2012) Games, this will continue to establish chiropractic as a necessary part of the health services available to athletes.


Please note:

  • When asked “professional experience/ what’s your profession or academic area of study” in the application form (stage 3), you should select other.
  • When asked “health professionals/ degree” (stage 4) you should select other,  and for “specialty” select chiropractic.
  •  IMPORTANT – when asked for “Rio 2016 partner code” (stage 4) you should type/enter MED10104.
  • Do not be upset or overreact to the inappropriate way that the online form currently confuses/mixes the identities of chiropractic and has the name ‘chiropractics’.  This is the issue we are resolving.
  • Please decide to apply now.  Encourage sports chiropractic colleagues to join you.       As mentioned, deadline is November 15, 2014.
  • IMPORTANT – when you have filed your application please send an email to FICS Executive Secretary Christina Davis at [email protected] confirming that you have applied and the date of your application.  This means that FICS and the profession will have a record of the number of applications filed.


Thank you for your support – I hope to see you in Rio.
Yours sincerely,
Marcelo Botelho DC, MD, ICCSP
FICS ExCo,  Latin America Representative

Chiropractor’s for Rio 2016